Case Analysis

Case Analysis.

Read Chapters 3 (Governmental Operating Statement Accounts) and Chapter 4 (Accounting for Governmental Operating Activities) of your Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit entities Book (16th or 17th edition) and write a 1,700 word essay that covers the following topics:

-Difference between expenses and expenditures

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-What is the importance of reporting budgeted and actual results

-Why are taxes important in governmental accounting?

-What are ad valorem? What is a property assessment?

-What is the difference between a special assessment, a license, a fine, and miscellaneous revenue?

-what are interfund loans and interfund transfers?

All essays must include an introduction and a conclusion. Turnitin similarity report must be under 10%. Do not copy paste text. Make sure to include at least 5 external references with in-text citations.  Use APA style.

Case Analysis

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