Case Analysis A9-75.


Complete the Chapter 9 mini-case A9-75 on pages 580-581 of the text book 5th edition. 

It is about budgeting for a single product. Be certain to document your budgeted costs. The United States Department of Labor website provides documentation for labor costs. Websites for bulk purchases (e.g., Sam’s Club, B.J.’s) can be used to document cost of “direct materials.” All costs need to be documented.

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Based on your readings, literature, and research analyze the case and include answers to the questions, but do not include the questions. Use brief headings to communicate where you are addressing the questions. Have a cover page, introduction summarizing the content of your case analysis, conclusions, recommendations and a summary plus a reference list.  A minimum of 3 reference list items are required. One can be the text book 5th edition.


  • At least 5 pages (not including title page, exhibits, or reference page)
  • Proper APA format

Please include, 

An Abstract at the beginning

The last three headings must be: 




Case Analysis A9-75

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