Case dialogue 4 on case 30 tesla motors, inc,: the first us car

The significance of Tesla’s accomplishments is transcendental. Tesla has successfully designed and produced a commercially successful electric vehicle without carbon emissions, using many recyclable materials, to solve one of the major sources of greenhouse gases for the world, vehicles. Understanding how this was achieved, in record time, with private banking resources under the capitalist system, by an American company, with American ingenuity, drive and performance, in the private sector, with minimal government support, and built in the US, is critical to understanding our future in solving the other challenges that the US and the world face. Therefore, this assignment is critical to your capstone work for graduation.

For this assignment, quickly read the Case Dialogue 11 on Case 30 Tesla Motors, Inc., and carefully view with attention the youTube video in its entirety Tesla Launch Model 3.  (Links to an external site.) Note very carefully the strategic and tactical points made in the video and address the following questions:

From the video,. (explain each one briefly and to the point, one or two sentences at most).

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A. how did Tesla successfully overcome each of the Challenges to Adoptions of Electric Cars: Consumer Perceptions  in the case: 

  1. consumer perceptions
  2. public infrastructure
  3. cost
  4. limited range
  5. network of available power sources
  6. battery charging time and driving range
  7. end-of life of the batteries
  8. maintenance of electric vehicles

B. What single key decision did Tesla make to achieve marketing penetration at a very low cost?

C. What single key decision did Tesla make to efficiently sell its vehicles? And how is it servicing its vehicles successfully?

D. What single key decision did Tesla make to guide its Human Resources to world-class achievements?

From the Case,  (explain each one briefly and to the point, one or two sentences at most).

  1. which of the External Opportunities and Threats have come to pass?And for which ones has Tesla found a solution, and how did they overcome these challenges?
  2. Is it true that state and federal funding and regulation are a necessary condition for the EV industry to grow?
  3. Did the state and federal government build gasoline stations?
  4. Are federal and California state budget cuts a threat to Tesla?
  5. How did a private company blow away the government emission goals?
  6. Why would a private company always be able to outperform a government entity in developing solutions to these types of problems?
  7. How does open competition in private industry far surpass centralized planning from the government?
  8. If the government had decided to push for hybrids instead of all EV in the mistaken belief that people would not ever drive an all EV, what would have been the negative outcomes? for Tesla? for the environment? for the economy?
  9. What are the implications to the a) environment, b) carbon emissions, c) economy, d) innovation, and, e) sustainability of government overreach and control over individual creativity and innovation?  
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