Case Management JC Penny

Case Management JC Penny.
  • Please read the case and analyze it by answering these case analysis questions.
  • You may answer each case discussion question in each paragraph and separate different paragraphs for different questions. You don’t have to copy the discussion questions in your answer.
  • Although quantity is not quality, however I do not accept 1-2 sentence answers to each question. Please make a thorough case analysis, post 300 to 500 words’ case analysis (roughly 1.5-3 pages double spaced with12-font), and post it in the text entry format online. There is no word limit on your comments to others.

Case Discussion questions

  1. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the “Fair and Square” repositioning strategy. How well or poorly do all the elements work together or work at odds with one another to deliver a coherent whole?
  2. What assumptions about JC Penney’s 5 C’s (customer, competitors/ collaborators, context, and company) must hold true for the repositioning to be effective? What does Johnson perceive in these factors that lead him to believe that “Fair and Square” pricing can be a successful approach for JC Penney? How confident are you that these assumptions are correct?
  3. Is JC Penney a brand that can be “Target-ized” or “Apple-ized”? Why or why not? In what fundamental ways does JC Penney differ from these two brands? Does Johnson’s plan address these differences in ways that make the success of JC Penney’s new strategy more or less likely
  4. Do you agree with the changes Johnson is making to the pricing scheme that set to take effect August 1st? Are they enough to turn things around? What should Johnson do now? Looking out on year, will JC Penney be a stronger or weaker brand if he stays on the current course?

Case Management JC Penny

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