case study assignment

case study assignment.

case study assignment

Case details: in your assignment, you are required to respond to all below questions.

·       What happened? Concisely report the facts of the case.

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·       Then explain the issues, or identify the questions about media law that the court was attempting to answer?

·       What were the court’s decisions regarding each one of the issues- present them?

·       What precedent did this case set? That is, what new definition or refinement of law as we understand it did this case establish?


If you provide short statements explaining each party’s argument or position in your case study, there is a better chance of getting better grade.

Use your own words all the time. Short quotes from court decisions or expert opinion could be used. They must be very well cited and placed in quotations marks. Please refer to Plagiarism and Academic Honest Section in your syllabus.

Your assignment should:

·       Typed and double spaced.

·       Formal error-free writing.

·       Clear and concise writing-

·       All information should be accurate.

·       Submitted electronically MS word before the deadline stated in the syllabus.

·       Sections should be clearly labeled

·       Include list of references APA style formatting.

You are expected to make proper citation of your sources. 

500-700 words, law and ethics course

Here is the link you need to use:

case study assignment

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