Case Study Facility Modification

Case Study Facility Modification. Case studies are to be up to 3 pages max. Use APA Format to structure your response. You can do additional research to craft your response to the questions of each case study. 

Review and answer questions below for the Case:

Case Study #2 .docxPreview the document

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A blind, married couple was living in their own home until the wife’s health started to decline and she became wheelchair bound. The couple then moved into an assisted living facility. Both were about 75 years old. Assessment by a healthcare professional found that both residents could sense some light differentiation. Placement of low-voltage recessed floor lighting down the middle of the main hallway leading to the dining room was recommended, and the administrator followed up on the recommendation. The blind husband could then look up and track the light so that he could orient and guide himself to the dining room while pushing his wife in the wheelchair. Because of this modification, the residents were able to regain at least some independent mobility for accessing the dining room. The staff was educated to not move or rearrange the patients’ living environment, because blind people orient themselves by counting steps, using spatial reference points and tactile cues.

Based on the textbook readings so far, please write your essay discussing the following questions:

  1. Which health care professional, discussed in your readings, should take the lead in assessing the need for a lighted pathway and also educating the staff and why?
  2. What quality of life factors exist in this case? How were they addressed by installing floor lighting?
  3. Should the facility arrange to provide any additional services that would facilitate daily living for this couple? If so who should have that responsibility?

Case Study Facility Modification

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