Case study on terrorism

Case study on terrorism
Terrorism has been depicted in fictional books and film in a number of ways and many of them are truly
unnoticed or labeled as terrorism. In a five-page paper, you are to choose a film or book then analyze and define
the terrorism that is portrayed in the chosen fictional work. The chosen work must not be based on a factual
event. In your analysis, you should describe the terrorist group/act/etc. that you have chosen, determine the
motivation for the terrorism, choose what type of terrorism is being conducted (left wing, right wing, state,
etc.), come to a conclusion about the effectiveness of the terrorism that you chose, and then finally answer the
question: How does the portrayal of terrorism in popular culture (this is a more general question but can be
directly applied to your chosen topic) effect how society sees terrorism and what is the effect of the fictional
vision of terrorism?
A couple movies/books that could be chosen (but not limited to) are V For Vendetta, Star Wars, Die Hard, Patriot
Games, Speed, Braveheart, Independence Day, Palahniuk�s Fight Club (also a movie), The East, Skyfall, True
Lies, The Peacemaker, Passenger 57, Dostoyevsky’s The Devils, Conrad’s The Secret Agent, von Trotta’s The
German Sisters, Fassbinder’s The Third Generation among many more. Movies like Zero Dark Thirty or Munich
cannot be used because they are based on actual events.
EACH PAPER should have at least THREE outside resources (resources presented in the class cannot be used and the movie/book does not count as a resource).

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