Case Study Report.

You are a strategic analyst for a management consulting firm that specialises in the analysis of Australian organisations. Your task is to write a report based on a case study of an Australian corporation. You are to use the framework models of strategic management, in order to evaluate the environment the organisation operates within and its mission goals and strategic choices. Additionally, you will provide some recommendations that both support and critique the strategic direction the organisation has chosen to pursue. 

 Woolworths Group Woolworths Group is a large integrated provider of retail and leisure. Best known for their supermarket operations, they have faced strong competition over the last few years from the Australian incumbent, Coles, as well as new overseas entrants such as Aldi and Costco. Woolworths has recently had a change in chief executive officer (CEO), following a profit downgrade and a failed attempt at entering the DIY retail business with their Masters Home Improvement stores. They are facing increased pressure on profit margins and their strategic direction. More information on Woolworths may be found at:  Annual report:  General company information: 

  Strategy:  : 

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 Executive Summary (150 words) Table of contents (not included in word count) 1. Introduction (100 words) 2. Evaluating the organisation’s environment (550 words) a. External – use Porter and the most relevant 2 elements of PESTEL, (not required to use each one). b. Internal – use core competencies and value chain analysis. 3. Analysis of competitive advantage (200 words) a. Discuss competitive rivalry 4. Strategy formulation and choice (550 words) a. Vision b. Goals c. Initiatives – cost leadership vs differentiation 5. Recommendations and conclusions (450 words – write this section in ‘first’ person) a. With rationale for support of strategy b. With rationale for critique of strategy Reference List (not included in word count) Appendices (not included in word count) 

 You are advised to include a minimum of 7 academic references which should be textbooks or journals. Appropriate websites may be used in addition to these. 

Case Study Report

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