CH. 2 & 3 Health Determinants & Health Services Research Discussions

Chapter Two

Research in your text: What common characteristics do research hypotheses and questions share for a conceptualization of a framework for a research study?

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Research in your text: In your own words describe take aways from Figure 2.4, The force field and well-being paradigms of health, Adapted from Blum (1981). (See: page 59 of your text).

Research in your text: Identify the determinants of health and explain how they affect health status.

Research the CDC website: Read about social determinants of health: Comment on what you learned by browsing the website. Any surprising data?

Chapter Three

Research in your text: On page 76-77 there is a list of major national and international level data sources for health services research. Pick one site. Read information contained within the site and share your observations in 10 sentences or less.

Locate NCHS Data Brief No. 176, Dec. 2014 that addresses nut consumption: What are the key findings?

Locate a statistic specific to the state that you live in on the BRFSS and share one of them:

Locate a research proposal on the Internet and place the link here. What is the problem statement? How much is their research budget?

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