Chapter 12: Writing Assignment

Chapter 12: Writing Assignment.

Within this chapter, you are introduced to the “Big Five” Personality Traits.  I want you to explore your personality traits in the context of employment.  First, consider each of the five traits of personality and try to identify the traits you see in yourselves.  In a narrative and paragraph form, discuss and answer these questions:

*Considering your view of your personality, what types of jobs or careers do you think you would best fit into? Why?

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*Have you been in jobs in which you had co-workers you felt were in the wrong position?  How did you come to this conclusion?

*If you were an employer, what would you do with an employee who seemed inappropriately placed?

*Do you think there are things an employer could do to influence a person’s behavior, regardless of the employee’s personality?

*Do you think there are things an employer could do to influence the big Five traits of an employee?

Chapter 12: Writing Assignment

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