Chapter 14 virtual in-class activity: stress, lifestyle, & health

Part One :

As I noted in the discussion board, Chapter 14 is a good segway in concentrating on your self-care and stress management. Upon reading Chapter 14, what are some takeaways you received from this chapter based on the 3 areas of focus (1) stress, (2) lifestyle, and (3) health? Provide a summary that highlights 1-3 takeaways you received from each of the 3 areas of focus. 

Part Two: Take a moment to think about your stress triggers or things that are causing you stress. Spend some time writing at least two things you can do in each of the six categories below to take care of yourself. 

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BODY/NUTRITIONAL (health, energy, physical body): 

PHYSICAL (home, school, office/job, environment, car, etc.):

SPIRITUAL (knowledge, meaning of life, purpose, connect to a higher power/love/self):

SOCIAL (relationships at work, family, friends, etc.):

EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL (mind, core beliefs, feelings, thoughts, mental health):

FINANCIAL (making a budget, paying bills on time, etc.): 

Part Three 

Let’s put your words into action and develop a self-care plan. What action steps can you take that will incorporate the six categories (from Part 2) in your life based on the following? 





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