chapter 5 questions


CASE STUDY: Linda’s Toolkit: People and Technology (pages 85 – 86)

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1. Identify direct and indirect sources of job information available to Linda?

2. What other resources could Linda have used to further explore the ‘hidden job market”? How does a company benefit from an employee referral program?

Progress Check Questions: Industry Research

1. Could this industry be a fit for you? Explain why or why not.

2. Is there another industry that you think would be better for you? Explain why or why not.

Progress Check Questions: Company Research

1. Could this company be a fit for you? Explain why or why not.

2. Is there another company that you think would work better for you? Explain why or why not.

Supplemental Questions:

List career opportunities in two or three high growth career fields.
List career opportunities in two or three steady growth career fields.
Describe the differences between a job and a career.

Chapter 5 Discussion Topic: Career and Job Research Tools (20 points) Discussion Forum

Task: Reply to a topic within this forum

a. What steps can someone take to create a career path that allows a steady progression of increased roles and responsibilities?

b. How can someone prepare for changes in the economy or other unforeseen circumstances that might create a stumbling block in their job/career pathway?

c. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of home-based careers?


Measure your mastery of this chapter’s objectives.

  • Describe industry career trends.
  • Distinguish between various types of career paths.
  • Explain how you would conduct industry and company research.
  • Explain how you would research a particular career or job opportunity.

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