chapter Topic:Exporting, Importing and Countertrade

chapter Topic:Exporting, Importing and Countertrade. Brazil  

Starting Chapter 12, our focus is on more micro level issues. So the article you will find for your assignment should reflect this and be on companies doing business in the country you chose earlier (ex: Microsoft in India) or on the global business of the companies from the country that you chose earlier (ex: Tata, an Indian company, in Europe)

You are to find and briefly summarize and analyze an article that is related to the main topic of each chapter we are covering in this unit. Your analysis should reflect a good understanding of the concepts in the chapters up to this point. You are required to use reliable media sources (ex: The Economist, Business Week, scholarly articles, etc.; Wikipedia is NOT acceptable) and cite them in the APA style.

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You cannot post the same news about the same country that a classmate posted earlier in the week. Several students may choose the same country and/or company, just make sure you do not post the same article.

You are welcome to comment on each others postings and enhance your learning experience.

How to reach reliable sources?
Through the International Business Research GuideLinks to an external site..
ABI/INFORM, globalEDGE, Factiva are some of the databases that will be useful.

chapter Topic:Exporting, Importing and Countertrade

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