Child development…… due in 10 hours….. please read

This assignment is due in 1 0 hours….. if you bid and I assign you will have done in 10 hours….. no late work at all…. 

Please do the following:  

A.  Watch the following video snippet:

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Then answer the questions 

1.  What curiosity, questions, hypothesis or ideas may be on the child’s mind?

2.  What do you value about what you see the child doing?

3.  How might you join in or support the child’s intellectual pursuits in this situation?  How can you expand upon the play?

B.  What does the following quote mean to you:

“We overestimate children academically and underestimate them intellectually.” by Lillian Katz

C.  Choose one of the stories in Chapter 4 of The Art of Awareness ( use attachment )  For example, “Nicholas Explores Vibrations” or “Immersed in Puffy Balls” or “Organizing Cups”.  Identify specific examples that children are meeting at least three of the following criteria:

  · Wonder and ask questions.

· Learn through their senses.

· Observe closely and notice details.

· Describe, draw, and write what they see and think.

· Compare and sort by looking carefully.

· Count and measure to make comparisons.

· Experiment through trial and error and test predictions.

· Keep trying over and over.

· Work together with others and have fun!

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