Choose an organization, meet someone who works there, and assist her


  1. Contact someone at that organization this week and discuss this course and your MPH program. Learn how you can help them with a public health problem relevant to this course.
  2. Choose 5 of the 22 MPH foundational competencies that are relevant to your work with this organization.
  3. Create and submit a draft PowerPoint presentation that outlines the organization you have chosen and the project you want to do with them. Your presentation must include the following:
    • Title slide (1 slide)
    • Introduction to the chosen organization (1-2 slides)
      Your final presentation will need to provide the location, size, mission statement, and typical projects/programs of the organization you chose.
    • Information on your contact at the chosen organization (2-4 slides)
      Your final presentation will need to provide his or her initials, title, role, and responsibilities, as well as a description and discussion of your meetings/conversations with your contact.
    • Information on the project proposed for the organization (3-5 slides)
      Your final presentation will need to provide a detailed description of the project.
    • The five (5) foundational competencies you have chosen (5 slides)
      Your final presentation will need to explain how the chosen foundational competencies are related to the chosen project.
    • A slide in which you list any references you use in APA format (1 slide)

The draft presentation does not need to be complete, but the outline must indicate all required areas.

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