Cis 534 week 6 discussion 1 and 2 with responses



“Firewall Implementation” Please respond to the following:

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·         Imagine working for an organization in which you were assigned to protect mission critical cloud-based Web applications that several of your third-party customers need to have access to on a regular basis. List at least three main types of firewalls you would use. Explain your reasoning behind your choices. Note: You may make any assumptions about your fictitious employment as long as your assumption is identified in your answer.

·         Today’s log management needs have come at a time when storage memory is cheap, information is abundant, and computer processors are much faster. Despite many of these benefits, challenges have also been introduced. Describe the main challenges to log management. Discuss any future challenges which may arise from newer technologies, such as external cloud hosting.




 “Firewalling the Attacks” Please respond to the following:


·         List and describe at least five different malware attacks which can be carried out against a large Internet dating company. Explain for each the role a firewall plays in either preventing or stopping the attack from fully manifesting.

·         Describe the key differences between a network-based attack and client-based attack. Give some examples of each and determine which deserves the most attention at this point in time. Explain your reasoning.

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