Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement
Discuss the political, economic, religious and social dimensions of the Civil Rights Essay Rubric
1. The essay does not state in the introduction the five or more primary documents the student will use to prove his thesis. -5pts.
2. The essay has no clear thesis statement in the introduction. -10pts.
3. The essay contains 5 or less spelling errors and/or grammatical mistakes. -5pts.
4. The essay contains 6 or more spelling errors and/or grammatical mistakes. -10pts.
5. The essay refers to less than five primary documents. -5pts
6. The essay refers to no primary documents. -10pts
7. The essay does not have a conclusion. -5pts
8. The essay does not have an introduction. -5pts
9. The essay is not divided into paragraphs (with specific main ideas that function as sub-main ideas of the thesis statement). -5pts
10. The essay does not have a title. -5pts
11. The essay does not have the appropriate style, font, and/or margins. -5pts
12. The essay is plagiarized. -100pts
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