COM 510 Strayer University Hooking Your Audience

“Hooking Your Audience”Please respond to the following:

Part 1: In preparation for Assignment 2, which in due in Week 9, share your opening. What story or data point are you using to hook and connect with the audience?

I have attached assignment 2 and my strategic plan.

Part 2: Review another student’s opening and provide constructive feedback.

Please respond to the following peer post:

Topic: Promotion

“It has been a pleasure to work for such an amazing company. I enjoy waking up every morning to come into such a positive work environment where I am able to show case my skills and ability. This company has been supportive and patient with me over the years of being employed. I’ve been given opportunities to grow professionally and learn better skill sets along the way. As a young, committed and hard working member in the work force, there is no other way I would expect an encouraging and beneficent team to be.”

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