Comm-Unity Grant Application Writing Project

Comm-Unity Grant Application Writing Project.



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Objective: Dabble in the genre of GRANT WRITING while discovering that we have HUNDREDS of campus organizations. Use the concept of “remix” culture to demonstrate your critical thinking and creative skills. Create something so interesting that you will actually want to submit it for funding.

Step one: Get yourself properly logged in to UCSB’s hub of organizations. OrgSync is the vendor we use for clubs and organizations, including Greeks. Here’s the link:

Step two: Pick out two organizations that you believe might NEVER do anything social together. Envision an event that would benefit both groups. (There’s a special, REAL grant to fund such remixing of campus organizations that was inspired by UCLA students who held social events that got pro-Israel and pro-Palestine Gauchos together for food and conversation.) Choose two groups from the HUNDREDS of student groups. Note: Please do NOT go for the obvious Republicans and Democrats. We want you to put forth something more original.

*******Two organizations I picked are the students for justice in palestine and chabad of Santa Barbara. for information on chabad

will leave a file for info about students for justice in palestine and here is the facebook…

Here is the link to a helpful page and the actual form for the CommUnity grant:…

Step three: You are now a grant writer. You can copy of text from the application form. I have uploaded a copy of the form with comments that will help you to know what parts you can ignore.

The audience for your writing is a team of staff and students in the Dean of Students cluster. Choose your words with this audience in mind. (I suggest that you paste the questions from the form into a fresh document and make everything as attractive as you can so that your teaching team can follow along and grade the assignment.)

The centerpiece for this assignment is your ONE-PAGE response to the section: EVENT SUMMARY. How will your event meet the spirit of the grant? Why do you propose that these two (or more) groups come together? Think about what issue(s) one group may have with the other and vice versa. And, how this event could help resolve those issues or at least get the two groups to better relate to each other? Perhaps think about how to structure the event based on something the two groups may have in common or something that is NOT associated with either group. How will the event/activity help to overcome the perceived differences, real or otherwise and bring to two groups closer together in Comm-Unity?

Here’s the rubric:

A top grade will go to attractive grants that contain few if any typos and spelling errors. The submission will creatively merge two groups and the author will describe an event with enough detail and enthusiasm that the team will find it deliciously fund-worthy.

A low grade will go to the recklessly cobbled together assignment that inspires little confidence.

Because this is a bit of an unconventional assignment, I’ll shoot a screen video that you can visit and revisit if you get stuck.

Comm-Unity Grant Application Writing Project

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