COMM101 GMU Dementia Informative Speech Slide Presentation

Upload your Informative Speech Slide Presentation here. The slide presentation is not your recorded video. The slide presentation supports your speech. Please review the rubric before submitting your presentation.

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Presently you did a outline for me on Dementia. I now need a slideshow to represent the outline. I’ve attached the outline .

Here is the information needed for the slideshow

Overview You are required to create a slide presentation that accommodates your oral delivery. You should review the section on Using Visual Aids in Chapter 13 in the Understanding Human Communication textbook. You can also review articles and video clips about slide presentations in Learning Module Two. The slide presentation cannot replace you as the speaker, however, it supports your main points in the speech. Slide presentations appeal to our visual senses and help us understand and remember material. For example, if you were giving a speech on psoriasis, a skin disorder, then it would be help to show pictures of psoriasis and perhaps a brief bullet list of the contributors of psoriasis. Can you tell me what should go on each slide from beginning to end?

Can you tell me what should go on each slide from beginning to end? Yes. First, you should have between 3-5 slides. The first slide is the cover. Think of your cover slide like a cover for a book or a magazine. On the cover slide you should put a title that corresponds with your speech and your name at minimum. You can also add a picture if you want. The inside slides should represent your main points. The last slide is either the bibliography or works cited for the slide presentation or you can type “Thank You”

What can I put on my slides? You can use pictures, pie charts, bar charts, line charts, word charts, bullet lists, diagrams and drawings. Make sure that your charts and/or diagrams are easy to read from a distance.

Can I add a video or sound? Yes, you can add a video or sound if they support what you are talking about. For example, a student once gave a speech on classical music and after she explained each musical piece, she played a 30 second sound clip. So, make sure to keep your video clip or sound clip less than one minute, so that it does not distract from your speech. Or if you are going to use a sound clip for background noise, make sure that you are speaking loud enough that you can be heard over the background noise. For example, a student gave a speech about a natural disaster and on one slide in the background the student had a low siren play

Do I have to place my works cited or bibliography on the slide? It depends. Did you put a quote from someone on the slide? Did you use someone else’s chart on your slide? Anything that you place on your slide that belongs to someone else and requires attribution (citation), then you must add a works cited or bibliography. You also have to cite on slide either by using parenthetical citation or a caption.

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