comparison matrix of funding options

comparison matrix of funding options.

Assignment Instructions

At some point in the life of your business, you will need money. After reviewing the reading assignments in this lesson and conducting additional research, create a comparison matrix of funding options available to you; include options that you think you may never use (you never know about the future so think about all legal ways to get funding). Include the following categories in a matrix:

  1. Name of the funding option
  2. Identify the option as debt or equity
  3. Maximum amount offered by the funding option
  4. Interest Rates (for debt capital)
  5. Company share (for equity capital)
  6. Terms
  7. Contact information
  8. Notes
  9. At least 2 additional criteria

Next, evaluate the sources for raising money and prioritize your options. What legal issues can arise out of your top three options? What can you do to minimize or eliminate those legal issues?

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Your matrix may look like the following sample table. Be sure to include as many elements as possible:

Type of Funding Option

Debt or Equity

Maximum $ Amount

Interest Rate (for debt)

Company share (for equity capital)


Contact Information


Personal Savings

Debt (I am borrowing from myself)

$10,000 (my limit)


I retain 100%

Set a timeframe of 2 years to pay myself back

Credit Cards




1 table

Minimum 2 pages

Minimum 3 sources

APA format

comparison matrix of funding options

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