Complex queries, triggers, views, and schema modification

Name: _________________________________________ Date: __________________ Week 2 – Assignment #2: Chapters 5-7 Grade: 5% of Class Grade CH 5: More SQL: Complex Queries, Triggers, Views, and Schema Modification #5.5 – Specify the following additional queries on the database of Figure 3.5 in SQL. Show the query results if applied to the database of Figure 3.6. For each department whose average employee salary is more than $30,000 retrieve the department name and the number of employees working for that department. Suppose we want the number of male employees in each department rather than all employees (as in Exercise 5.4a). Can we specify this query in SQL? Why or why not? #5.6 – Specify the following queries in SQL on the database schema of Figure 1.2. Retrieve the names and major departments of all straight-A students (students who have a grade of A in all their courses). Retrieve the names and major departments of all students who do not have any grade of A in any of their courses. #5.7 – In SQL, specify the following queries on the database specified in Figure 3.5 using the concept of nested queries and the concepts described in this chapter. Retrieve the names of all employees who work in the department that has the employee with the highest salary among all employees. Retrieve the names of all employees whose supervisor’s supervisor has ‘888665555’ for SSN. Retrieve the names of employees who make at least $10,000 more than the employee who is paid the least in the company. CH 6: THE RELATIONAL ALGEBRA AND RELATIONAL CALCULUS #6.16 – Specify the following queries on the COMPANY relational database schema shown in Figure 3.5, using the relational operators discussed in this chapter. Also show the result of each query as it would apply to the database state of Figure 3.6. Retrieve the names of employees in department 5 who work more than 10 hours per week on the ‘ProductX’ project. List the names of employees who have a dependent with the…

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