Components of a Complete Assessment Battery for ASD

What are the components of a complete assessment battery for ASD? Why is is important to use multiple sources of data? Why do you think a diagnosis of ASD would involve so many different forms of assessment?

Consider the following and answer the questions that follow: John, an 8 year old with middle-functioning ASD, has in the course of one school term been assessed by the school nurse, the special needs teacher who works with him, the speech and language therapist who visits the school, and a researcher investigating working memory in ASD. What might each of these professionals be seeking to learn about John – and why? Be sure to incorporate material and references from the readings in support of your answer.

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You may wish to access the Autism Speaks and the Autism Society websites for additional information on assessment (simply plug in the term “assessment” and/or “screening” into the search engine for the site):

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