Comprehensive early reading plan | Reading homework help

Using the case scenario provided, develop a comprehensive, research-based early reading plan.

Step 1: Review the following case scenario:

Student: Amanda
Age: 6.5
Grade: 1

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Amanda has just transferred to a new school. It is the middle of the school year and her new teacher is concerned about Amanda’s reading skills. Her school records have not arrived from her old school, but her parents reported that her previous teacher had asked to meet with them. They moved before the meeting could occur and are not sure what was going to be addressed at the meeting.

Amanda completed some assessments for her new teacher, who noted some skill deficits. Most of Amanda’s peers recognize sight words like “and,” “has,” “is,” “a,” “the,” “was,” “to,” “have,” and “said.” Amanda has difficulty when she encounters these words.

Amanda’s oral reading is slow and labored. She often says the wrong letter sound or guesses at words. Amanda is unable to answer simple comprehension questions (e.g., main idea, main characters) after she has listened to a passage read aloud. Her teacher has scheduled a meeting with Amanda’s parents to discuss the assessments. The teacher has set the following instructional goals for Amanda:

1.       Given a letter or letter combination, Amanda will say the corresponding sound.

2.       Given a brief reading passage on her instructional level, Amanda will read the passage and be able to recall the main ideas.

3.       Given a CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word prompt, Amanda will be able to say the word slowly (sounding it out) and then say it fast (reading as a whole word).

4.       After listening to a story, Amanda will recall three or four sequenced events.

5.       Shown sight words, Amanda will state the word automatically.

Step 2:  Sequence each of Amanda’s instructional goals described in the case scenario in the order you would address them with her if you were Amanda’s teacher.  In 100-250 words, explain your rationale for the sequence.


Step 3:  Research and select an early reading strategy for each of Amanda’s goals. In 500-750 words, describe each strategy in detail with a rationale that explains how it is designed to help Amanda achieve that goal. Use two to four research sources to support your rationales.


Step 4: Develop an activity that aligns to one of the strategies you identified in Step 3 that Amanda could do at home. In 250-500 words, describe the activity, as well as how you would establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with Amanda’s parents and encourage them to help implement it.


Submit your sequenced list of goals, their associated reading strategies and rationales, and the at-home activity to your instructor.


Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines 



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