Congress and the Executive branch

Congress and the Executive branch.

Write an essay of 1,250-1,500 words that discusses the following:

Part I: Congress and the Executive branch

  1. What powers does Congress have over agencies in the executive     branch? Where can one find these authorized powers?
  2. If     Congress feels that an executive branch federal agency has failed to     comply with policies, procedures, and standards, what can they do     about this situation?

Part II: Simulation: Ethics in the DOJ

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  1. Read through the “Ethics Handbook for On and Off Duty     Conduct” from the DOJ and the DOJ Ethics Scenario, located in     the Topic Materials. As an employee of the DOJ are you able to     accept any gifts or compensation for any services rendered to     various individuals or groups? Explain.
  2. Why do you think     the DOJ has implemented such policies? Are those policies in keeping     with the policies, procedures, and standards that were authorized by     the enabling legislation of Congress? Explain. (comp. 3.2)
  3. Do you think it is a good idea to attempt to keep activities of     public servants from even the appearance of impropriety (see     “General Principles of Ethical Conduct”, number 14)?   Explain.
  4. Would participating in trainings with other law     enforcement organizations be in keeping with the original purpose of     the FBI? Explain.

Utilize four to six relevant, scholarly sources in support of your content.

Congress and the Executive branch

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