Conspiracy Theory Paper

In class we will be discussing the idea of conspiracy theory. For this essay, you must select a specific conspiracy theory and write an APA literature review that both discusses the conflicting positions on the topic and makes an argument about which position is supported by the stronger evidence. In other words, you’ll need to explain both the position in favor of the conspiracy and the opposing side. Furthermore, you will need to draw a conclusion about whether or not the conspiracy theory stands up to serious inquiry. In order to do this, you will need to do outside research. You should use at least eight sources and make sure that you use a variety of sources so that you get both sides of the issue.

Note this is a literature review, so you will be summarizing the ideas presented in your eight sources; however, you will also be explaining how these sources support your overall position about the conspiracy theory or why they theories presented in the article do not hold up to scrutiny.

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You should include the following sections:

  1. An abstract that provides a brief summary of the conspiracy theory you are discussing and states what you intend to prove.
  2. An introduction that clearly states your position on the topic
  3. An analysis of relevant sources that uses information from your eight sources to support your position and debunk competing ideas.
  4. A conclusion that restates your overall position on the topic.

There are many conspiracy theories that you can pick from, but those listed below are some of the most popular:

JFK assassination: works well because there are a variety of different theories about who was responsible

9/11 attacks were not as they seemed.

Some mass shooting events were hoaxes designed to gain support for gun control measures.

UFOs: Another one that works well because of the number of well known incidents

The New World Order: This one also has several aspects such as the Illuminati and Article 21.

Jesus and Mary M: This one works well because it took off in popular culture with the Da Vinci Code but also originated in older materials.

Ancient astronaut theory.

Moon landing was faked.

Drug companies are hiding cures to major illnesses.

Doomsday prophecies/conspiracies: You might even look some at doomsday prepper culture.

Government mind control

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