Course research project part 3 | CSCI 620 – Issues in Security, Privacy, and Anonymity | Liberty University


Part III – Discussion and Summary

Based on the details and your supported understandings in Part II, you are going to further discuss the topic in Part III. Still using “An investigation on Facebook privacy issues” as an example here, you need to evaluate Facebook’s approach for privacy and examine the risks. You will answer questions such as “What are the privacy risks using Facebook?” and “What approaches are developed to address such risks?” Again, you will need to conduct research to find the answers to these questions. A thoughtful and coherent discussion is expected for this part, followed by a summary to wrap up your research work. This part should contain at least 1000 words. Biblical worldview should be integrated in an appropriate manner and supported by Scripture. If you have used additional references in this part, be sure to include them at the end with all previous references from Part I and Part II as well. The final submission of the course project is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of module/week 7.

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General Guidelines:

It is recommended to include prior part(s) of the course project when you make a submission, i.e., to include the first part of the project when you make the second submission and include the prior two parts when you make the final submission. The final submission with all 3 parts included should contain at least 2,500 words. In addition to course materials and the Bible, a minimum of 5 references is required for this project. Your submissions should follow current APA formatting style and for guideline details, please refer to the current edition of the APA publication manual.

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