COURSE: RTM 300 (Recreation and Community Development (V. Ward))

COURSE: RTM 300 (Recreation and Community Development (V. Ward)). Paper Content Checklist

This is provided to assist you with your paper organization, thought process and making connections of material you find. For example, after collecting all of your social media entries into the chart provided below, you could also make your own summary chart sorted by the type of media and the key findings from each that could be incorporated into the paper itself.


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Type of Evidence Informing and Supporting Your Paper


Key Concepts or Ideas from Evidence/ Source Programs and Solutions for Tourism, Parks, Hospitality, Recreation and Entertainment Industry Professionals Citation in APA Format

Peer-reviewed, Published Journal Articles


Proposal for building housing for homeless individuals in Chatsworth. The idea is to bring dozens of units of homeless housing to Chatsworth. The Homelessness and Poverty Committee passed its concept. The programs proposed is building units of houses to reduce the homelessness. The building will create a new image in the region, thus attract development of recreational facilities such as swimming pool and slides for kids. Other facilities such as entertainment and hospitality will develop Reyes, E. A. (2019). Hotly contested plan for homeless housing in Valley district moves forward. Los Angeles Times, Retrieved from

Community-focused publications by professional organizations or non-profits, NGOs


It ensures optimal services for children and families by providing the required tools and information to program evaluations and strategic planning. The Research Department offers a professional community assessment for any project. It focuses on solutions to the wellbeing of child care to diminish homelessness. Improve the SMEs and hospitality industries. Ccrclacl. (n.d.). Child Care Resource Center. Retrieved from



Media: Television broadcasts, public television specials, radio, social media tracking of the topic (homelessness), e.g., KABC Facebook site on Homelessness and blog posts

Approval of HHH Funding to build houses in Chatsworth. It defines ideas that were met by the Homelessness Committee to approve the building of proposed Topanga Apartments development The approval of the project will see Chatsworth develop into a business area. This new attraction will push solution for tourism Parks and hospitality industries. They will be prepared to meet the basic entertainments and recreations needs of the residents. Linton, J., & Newton, D. (2019, September 19). Committee Narrowly Approves HHH Funding for Chatsworth Housing, Over Opposition From Councilmember Lee. Retrieved from

REMEMBER:  Cite the source (including web addresses) of any tables or figures you include in your paper below that visual, and be sure it is connected to your narrative discussion; for example, “Table I (its title) describes the relationship between military service and homelessness. This suggests…

Time on Task:  It takes time to think through the final product (your paper) once you have collected all the information.  Be sure to review the assignment description before turning in your paper.

The conclusion of your paper clearly recommends strategies for Hospitality, Tourism, Parks & Recreation, and Entertainment industry sectors dealing with planned homeless housing, and those who live in that housing as well as those already residing in Chatsworth, CA. Address concepts from the course, particularly Green & Haines asset framework.  Applying PEST analysis may also help yu move forward.  Some useful information and evidence will come from effective research that helps you complete the chart above.

COURSE: RTM 300 (Recreation and Community Development (V. Ward))

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