Cravia: Launching High Growth Ventures in the Middle East

Question one (Up to 50% Marks): (1250 words +/- 10 %)

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Discuss the reasons behind Hajj decision not to take private equity money, and explain whether you agree with Hajj’s decision to support growth.

Question 2 (Up to 50 % Marks): (1250 words +/- 10 %)

In 2014, Cravia faced a number of expansion opportunities, explain whether should Hajj scale his existing businesses or expand into new markets—or can he do both, stating and justifying your advice.

for guidance please refer to B716 I 02 Spring File

* previous questions answer ( Assignment Part 1) are attached. Answer should relate to assignment part 1 answers)

* the case study is attached.


1. Kindly use standard English language level.

2. Each paragraph should be supported by accessible reference. ( Please provide direct links to the references)

3. Answer should focus in more critical analysis supported by reference. and less theories

4. For referencing kindly use more Article and journals, ( no less then 8 references )

Thank you!

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