Creative writing prompt | English homework help

What is your story

What is the story behind this image?

Can you come up with a mini-story of less than 350 words?

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In case you’re not acquainted with our Creative Writing Prompt Challenge, here’s how it works:

We set the scene

You make it your own, and

Share your creation within the comments section of this post from

Now for the bottom rules:

Your story must be 350 words or less.

Your work must be original and not previously published

WTD provides an encouraging and safe environment for writers to grow and learn from one another. We’d love you to touch upon other people’s submissions during a friendly and supportive manner.

This month’s creative writing prompt is meant to develop your storytelling skills. Here, your prompt is a picture. are you able to weave a motivating story around this image in 350 words or less?

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