Criminology – Addressing crime

In a paper of 1000 to 1500 words, double spaced, APA, create a project document that addresses the following:

  1. Based on the facility type selected in your Week 7 short writing assignment, identify a specific facility located within your community and describe it.
  2. Research the problems that commonly occur at this location. Ways of researching this problem may include:
    1. An online search of news media stories;
    2. Interviewing staff, place managers, and/or neighborhood residents (only undertake this activity if it can be done safely);
    3. Requesting a list of recent calls for service from the local police department;
    4. Physical observation of the location (only undertake this activity if it can be done safely).
  3. Relying on crime theory and situational crime prevention techniques, design a multi-pronged approach to address the observed problems. Your paper should include specific details about the plan including project phases, stakeholder involvement, and how to measure impact. You are encouraged to incorporate visual aids into your project (e.g. charts/tables with descriptive statistics; site photographs; sketch with location of proposed lighting and signage)
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