Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis. Topic: Technology Integration Strategies for Content Area
Instruction (Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, and Health


Sources: Pick 4 peer-reviewed journal articles (past ten years)related to topic provided.

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-4 pages of content in length, APA 6th style, add citations when appropriate.


-List the points\arguments\ the author uses to support the thesis or make his main points as the articles relate to your topic.

-Evaluate the authors’ presentation in each article. In other words, how well did the author makes his/her point or supports the thesis of the your paper.

Tips to write a critical analysis:


  • Criticize the facts or lack of facts, the organization, the tone, the author’s credibility.
  • Who wrote the articles? What do you know about the authors?
  • Are the articles straight news reporting, a commentary on some event or situation, an editorial? Is it just the facts or a discussion
    of something that has happened?
  • Do the authors appear objective? What kind of language does
    the author use? Is it emotional?
  • Are the facts correct, clear? Do they “seem” accurate. Is the
    information complete? Does it appear that some important facts
    are omitted?
  • Do the writers appear to know the subject matter? As you read
    the articles, do you “feel” that something is missing? Is it logical?
    Does it present support for his/her argument?
  • Is there a clear thesis? Is it adequately supported with facts and
    data? Are inferences made?
  • How is the material organized, for example:
    A. Chronological order B. Comparison/contrast C. Definition
    D. Cause/effect
    E. Problem/solution

Critical Analysis

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