Critiquing Child Development Research

Critiquing Child Development Research.

Critiquing Child Development Research

Choose three articles from any peer-reviewed periodical or journal on one of the following topics:

  • The birthing process and cultural differences
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cesarean delivery to natural childbirth
  • Maternal mortality 
  • The effects of society, culture, and the individual 
  • Adjusting to parenthood for mothers and fathers
  • Post-partum depression
  • Prenatal care and education
  • The effects of drugs, alcohol, and nicotine on prenatal development
  • The importance of nutrition for the fetus during prenatal development
  • Low birth weight babies, the causes and effects
  • The effects of environmental hazards on the developing fetus

Using the questions listed as follows, write a critique of the articles from the viewpoint of a scientist seeking the truth. This paper should be 4 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman Font and in APA Format. To receive credit for your work please provide a reference page in APA format for the three articles you found and any additional sources you used to write this paper. 

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Summary of the topic:

  • Provide a brief overview of the topic you chose. Why is it an important issue and how is it relevant to child development? For some topics, it would be helpful to provide your reader with prevalence and incidence rates. Does the severity of issue differ base on gender, race/ethnicity, and age?

Critique of each article (make sure you fully explain your answers):

  • Who is the audience for the article (e.g., researchers, doctors, parents, teachers, adolescents)?
  • What was the specific topic of the article? (For example, an article may be about “Maternal Morality,” but are the authors discussing pre- or post- partum issues? Are they review differences in socioeconomic status or ethnic differences?
  • What are some examples of information provided? 
  • Does the article emphasize heredity (nature) or environment (nurture)?
  • To which domain of child development does it refer (physical, socioemotional, cognitive)?
  • Does the article rely on scientific findings, expert opinion, or case example?
  • Do the conclusions of the article seem valid?

In a concluding paragraph(s), give your personal evaluation of what was covered in the article and whether it advances our knowledge and understanding of child development.

Critiquing Child Development Research

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