Cross-Cultural Management – Controversial Bio-ethical Issues

CF 1 – Country Holidays and Celebrations (3-5)


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Each country/culture has its own set of major and important holidays. These holidays can point and teach us about the history, heritage, and the important values of a country. Moreover, from a practical perspective you need to know what you can do or not do during such a holiday. Thus, it is very important for an international business person to be aware of these holidays from a business and social perspective.

Research and create a list of the major holidays and celebrations in your country project. Provide a short summary of each holiday

– origin and why it is being celebrated,

– rituals

– religious based or not,

– dates and length of holiday

– business open or not

Now pick 3 holidays you believe are the most important and significant and provide more detail description about them.

*Be sure to include Cultural Intelligence Elements (motivation, strategy, etc.)*

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