Cs project | Computer Science homework help

Assignment Instructions

You will create four classes that must all interact in some meaningful way. In order to start you will create a class diagram to determine which classes depend on other classes and what those classes are. The classes you create will be:

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Further, you must create a fifth class called “Main” that creates instances of the above classes to test and demonstrate the use of the classes. This is often called a “driver class”.

To begin I suggest you look at your four classes and individually decide what each will contain. Ask yourself what are the attributes and what does this class do. From here you should be able to get a toe hold to start your development.

Within this project you must use the following:

  1. Multiple constructors within one class

  2. Internal and external method calls(which will be necessary)

  3. An if statement

  4. Import statements used correctly

  5. Two collections from the java library, one of which may be an ArrayList

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