CSCI 303 Technical Communication for Computer Professionals Fall 2019

CSCI 303 Technical Communication for Computer Professionals Fall 2019.

Before you begin the assignment download The Handbook of Technical Writing from the Doc Sharing folder/tab on the left menu.  This book will be used as a reference for your assignments.  There is an additional book in this folder to download, Style Toward Clarity and Grace.  The second book is recommended reading for this course.  Other material will be added to this folder during the semester.

Week one folder contains a Power Point file, MIT technical-writing-PP, for you to download.  Examine and incorporate the concepts presented in this power point into your assignments this semester.

If you need or want assistance with your writing skills, the Writing Center is located in David Talbot Hall room 103.  The center is open Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm and closed on Wednesday from 1pm-2pm for a staff meeting.

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Assignment 1

Due 9/1/19 at 11:59pm

Write a inter office memo for new hires in the office.  The content of this document is a discussion of the average amount of time spent on various forms of communication required for this position (computer professional).  In addition, the discussion should include the importance of effective communication to meet minimum requirements of satisfactory job performance as evaluated by the immediate supervisor.

To provide information about what has been published regarding this topic, find at least two recent, not older than two years, articles on the Internet that discuss these issues.  At least one article about the average amount of time spent in communicating; and at least one article about the importance of effective communication in receiving a satisfactory job rating.  In your document mention how your initial view of this topic (your responses on the first day of class) compared to the information you found on the Internet.

It is not necessary to provide a reference in this inter office document but be sure to advise the intended audience to read the articles.  The URLs where the articles can be found on the Internet must be included at the end of your document.

A summary of the informal poll conducted on the first day of class in both sections for the two questions below.

Percentage of on the job time writing documents for a CS position

0              1-20                21-40                41-60              1-80                  81-100

                   3                 8                      22                    9                      1  Total Responses

Importance of effective writing for successful job performance.

Scale 1 to 5;   1 not important to 5 highly important

1                       2                          3                              4                        5

                       1                         10                          19                    11  Total Responses

CSCI 303 Technical Communication for Computer Professionals Fall 2019

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