CT5 Portfolio

CT5 Portfolio.

Option #2

Provide several slides that explain the key sections of your strategy you will use in the final Portfolio Project. Provide section headers and a brief description of each.


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In a 6- to 10-page paper, as the local Union President, design a managing union handbook for union relationship building and a process that favors union employees as well as identifying key components of the bargaining process that can easily be sold to your union members. Apply theory and design systems and policies throughout your work covering:

  • Contextual factors (historical and legislative) that have impacted and still impact the union environment;
  • policies that create a more sustainable union model;
  • management strategy for union collective bargaining that includes: innovative wage, benefit, and non-wage factors; and
  • employee engagement and involvement strategies that take into consideration the diverse and changing labor force.

CT5 Portfolio

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