Cultural contexts

Cultural contexts
Task: Teaching Spoken Language � a Literature Review (2000 words)
The aim of this assignment is to synthesise your early reading with your own experience in order to focus on key aspects of teaching spoken language.
Although it comes early in the course, you will find you have sufficient material to draw on if you follow the guidelines given below.
In this assignment you will review the five attached readings.
The theme is the learner and what a teacher must take into account when teaching spoken English.
From your readings you need to identify the importance (or not) of understanding the following points about your teaching context:
� the learner � why are they learning English? Age? Social, cultural and economic conditions etc.
� role of the first language and English inside and outside the classroom
� current teaching approaches, the curriculum, text books, teaching resources � what is the position of spoken language
Your review will include:
� a brief summary of the key points of the articles
� a critical review of the articles
� a description of some of the broad implications for teaching spoken language arising from the theoretical and /or practical aspects of the readings
� your reflections on the implications.
a. Depth of analyse and critique of articles
b. Coherence of argument about the perspectives of the articles
c. relevance of the readings to a culturally and linguistically diverse society
d. Relevance of the readings to classroom teaching
e. Cohesiveness and accuracy of writing 1
Please note:
stick to the attached readings ONLY.
APA referencing and follow the criteria, thank you and I appreciate your great work.
1. Introduction:
� Tasks into account
� The nature of the spoken language
� Needs of the learners
� Changing native
2. Body:
� Cultural contexts
� What do readings say about this
� Critic demands & institutional constraints
� Role of L1
3. Conclusion

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