Cyber defense and countermeasures | FP-4070 | Capella University

Subject:  IT-FP4070 – Cyber Defense and Countermeasures. 

Assignment 1 :  

Secure Infrastructure Design

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Length: 4 pages, excluding the references page, and 6 slides.

Assessment Instructions

Part A: General Security Infrastructure Questions

Write 4–5 pages that examine secure infrastructure concepts. Address the following:

Differentiate between normal and suspicious network traffic signatures.

Evaluate the role of IDS/IPS signature analysis in developing a secure network infrastructure.

Identify the components of an intrusion detection system (IDS), including NIDS, HIDS, and IPS implementations.

Describe commonly used controls for separating internal and external networks.

Explain how port security contributes to an overall network security implementation.

Part B: Case Study: Presentation to the Board on Security Infrastructure

Use the organization and characteristics described in the Case Study: Global Widgets Inc. document found in the Required Resources as the context in which to address the following:

In your role as information security professional serving the CIO, you have been asked to make a presentation to the Global Widgets board that analyzes the current security infrastructure design and evaluates the security implications of moving IT functions to a cloud-based environment.

Create a 6–8 slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

Diagram the existing network security design.

Diagram the proposed network security design.

Evaluate the potential risks to organizational assets that might result from a move to a cloud-based environment.

Select information security controls that can be used to mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities relative to the organizational move to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Evaluate whether adopting the CEO’s proposal to move to the cloud will result in required changes to the network security design and architecture that will or will not enhance the overall security profile of the organization. Explain.

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