: Database Project Step One – Semester System project

ACCT-361: Database Project Step One – Semester System project

Due Oct 5th 23:59pm. – 20 points.


Complete an REA model with minimum and maximum cardinalities of the business process (transaction cycle)

you will be prototyping for your System Project.

1. Make up a company in you assigned industry. Industry assignments are available under Project Step 1 folder.

2. Create a narrative for your transaction cycle – must be unique. (Use of safe assign to check for non-original work). In a paragraph (about 100-150 words), briefly explain how that transaction cycle works in your

company. You can take a look at the descriptions we have seen in the REA Exercises, but as long as you

explain things clearly, you do not have to use a similar language.

3. Complete an REA model with minimum and maximum cardinalities of the process (transaction cycle) you will be prototyping for your System Project.

a. Model one complete transaction cycle REA model with cardinalities.

b. Design two many-to-many relationships in your REA model. 4. Identify the 2 related events you want to choose for your system project. These 2 events must be connected by

a relationship line. Your narrative should be completed in MS Word. The REA model based on your narrative

can be handwritten for this assignment, although your final project will require the REA model to be

completed using a computer application. Your REA model for this assignment and your final project should

include your complete transaction cycle. However, your final project and implementation require you to only

prototype (build in Access) your 2 chosen events (and related agents & resources).

How to choose business processes:

An expanded business process listing for Sales/Collection & Acquisition/Payment processes is on page 2 below

and in the text book. Page 3 below shows 2 prior student examples of Step 1. If you decide to go with another

business process (e.g. Payroll Cycle), please refer to the book for its events and other characteristics. While you

may not have to use all the events listed on page 2, the more realistic (for your chosen company in your assigned

industry) and detailed your model is, the higher your grade will likely be. Pages 3 and 4 below shows 2 prior

student examples of Step 1.

The REA on Page 3 is for a Real Estate company. The REA on page 4 is for a payroll processing company. This

one is computer drawn because this was the final project submission. Step 1 can be hand drawn – but make sure

to identify the two events that will be selected for the remaining part of the project. The two selected events need

to be connected. These examples use the Chen’s method to denote cardinalities, but you may also use the

Crow’s method for cardinalities (we used this in the past lectures). Upload your written narrative and REA

model. The REA can be handwritten, although your final project will require this to be completed using a

computer application.

What to submit: A word document with a cover page and required REA and narrative in proper format. Points

will be deducted for unprofessional or incorrect submissions. Late submissions will be

assigned point deductions.

Submission Advice for grading:

Students will model their business processes in their industry. This requires creativity within the bounds of the

AIS and industry. Effort counts in this assignment. Grading of this assignment is more subjective than other

assignments. The goal for grading this assignment is to return to you a model that is accurate and ready for you

to continue to the next step in the design of your project prototype.

There are some important points to consider when you are creating your REA Conceptual model for grading:

• Complexity and critical thought: If you capture a more complex business process that requires critical thinking,

fewer points are deducted for mistakes in the model than for mistakes made capturing a process that does not

require critical thinking.



Business Processes – Summarized

Sales/Collection Process

Typical Events Marketing Event Customer Order Event Moving Inventory Event Shipping Inventory/Provide Services Event

Receive Customer Payment Event Accept Returns and Approve Allowances Event

Write-Off Uncollectible Accounts Event

Common Documents Customer Order Sales Order Shipping Documents Sales Invoice Credit Memorandum Customer Statement Remittance


Additional Reports (sample) Open Orders Sales Journal Profitability Analyses Customer Mailing Labels Aged Receivables Demographic Analyses Performance Information on Products, Salespeople

Event Controls (sample) A shipment occurring without an authorized order

An order being approved without proper customer

and credit review An order being entered by an unauthorized

employee A shipment being sent to the wrong customer A

shipment containing incorrect or excess items A

shipment being set to an employee’s address A

cash receipt being credited to a customer

without receiving cash

Acquisition/Payment Process –

Goods or Services

Typical Events Request for Goods/Service Event Authorize Purchase Event Purchase Goods/Service

Event Receive

Goods/Service Event Cash Disbursement Event

Purchase Return Event




Common Documents Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Receiving Report Check

Additional Reports (sample) Open Requisitions Open Purchase Orders Vendor Performance Reports Aged Payables Stock Status Reports Purchases


Event Controls (sample) Initiating a purchase order without an authorized request

Approving a purchase order without a proper review Having a fictitious employee approve a purchase order Having a receiving clerk delete or modify a purchase order Accepting a shipment containing incorrect items Accepting a

shipment of inferior goods Accepting a shipment without a

valid and approved purchase order Disbursing cash without a

corresponding receipt of goods Disbursing cash for an amount

that does not correspond to the receipt of goods Disbursing cash to an invalid or fictitious vendor




Stars represent the two event entities selected for the system project.





Highlighted entities represent the two selected events

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