DB 1 Leadership and Ethics

DB 1 Leadership and Ethics.

Provide an example of when a person (boss, coworker, peer) really expected you to either perform well or fail and treated you like you would, which resulted in your success or failure…. “Do ethics matter?”

DB 2 Case Study PF Chang

Based on the video below, in what ways does PF Chang’s create organizational commitment among its workers? How might a manager at PF Chang’s use the Big Five personality factors to assess whether a candidate for a position on the wait staff would be suitable? 

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Video Link: http://academic.cengage.com/resource_uploads/downloads/1285866355_535788.mp4


 There was an incident I had with the head of my division at a previous job. He thought I was going to fail at meeting a deadline for a project we worked on. He kept interrupting and criticizing me but he didn’t have any idea how the project was supposed to be completed because that wasn’t his area of expertise.  He just wanted it done on time. Aside from all of his verbal abuse, which was something he did on a regular basis, I was able to complete the project on time with no errors. Since we were in the same unit and the project was to benefit the agency, it would have been good to have received some assistance and positive reinforcement. I was very happy when I was able to find employment with another agency.

Ethics matters. Our course material tells us that the golden rule of ethics is to lead others as you want to be led and that there is a direct link between being ethical and being an effective leader. People with positive attitudes about ethics tend to be more ethical. I feel that my supervisor could have had a better attitude and been more supportive to all of us in the office. His negative attitude was not beneficial to the unit and certainly did not contribute to building goodwill amongst the staff.

DB 2: Case Study PF Chang

After watching the video, I can see that PF Chang is a great place to work. The managers are caring and it shows in their positive attitudes. They encourage their staff not to just see their job as “just a waiter” and just give mediocre service but to really interact with the customers and make it a great experience for them as well as the customer. The managers have a pre-shift meal with the staff to encourage and motivate them to have a great attitude on the job so they will want to provide the customers with a higher level of service that they won’t forget,  which inevitably can lead to bigger tips. This will also make them want to come again which is great for business.

One way the Manager’s at PF Chang can use the Big Five personality factors to access whether a candidate for a position on the wait staff would be suitable would be during the interview to do as  Mark Miller, Operating Partner at PF Chang, does: get them to give specific answers about personal experiences that may have been negative and how they were able make it positive.  Get them to share their personal experiences with you about how they dealt with former employers, guests and fellow employees and you will get a better idea as to whether or not they will fit in with your business based on their answers. A candidate with a positive attitude is a definite win for any company.

DB 1 Leadership and Ethics

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