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2-year-old Maya just enrolled in your program, and Monday will be Maya’s first experience in an early learning program. While she and her family (including her fathers and grandmother) are excited, everyone is a bit nervous.

As a professional educator, you know it is your responsibility to inform your teaching practice with knowledge of what is developmentally appropriate for children. As you prepare to welcome Maya and her family, you begin to brainstorm what information you need to gather to help you plan meaningful learning experiences.

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First, spend time researching developmentally appropriate practice (DAP).

Next, create a mind map of the information you will need to gather and consider before creating learning experiences for Maya.  The mind map will include the following:

  • Maya is your central idea.
  • The three core considerations of DAP as your three main branches (Individuality, Commonality, Context), with a description of each consideration.
  • At least five secondary branches of ideas, phrases, or questions you need to consider for Maya for each of the core considerations (5 secondary branches per core consideration for a minimum of 15 secondary branches).

Example of mind map attached below

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