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Using Sporting Events to Conduct Business

Your company is trying to solidify a deal with a major automotive parts company from Detroit, and will use the an International Sporting Event and it’s surrounding ancillary events to sway this company to sign a multi million-dollar deal. You were assigned the task of organizing an itinerary for the top 5 executives (three men, two ladies) for a 5 day trip, (Thursday – Monday) leading up to, and during International Sporting Event.

You can select any Major Sporting Championship Event, including but not limited to: Champions League Final, Super Bowl, World Series, NBA All-Star Weekend, or other.  You will want to select an event that has ancillary events in the days leading up to the big game, so you can build out your schedule.

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If you can effectively entertain this group you may close a multi-million dollar contract which will ensure your company’s future, and your professional career. Your budget for this group is 40K, and you can spend this money any way you see fit.

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