Developing a Network for Change , management homework help

Developing a Network for Change (Small Group Discussion)

As a sense of urgency for change is developed within an organization, there needs to be a structure in place to manage the change. In the Kotter model, this need is filled by the establishment of a change management team composed of a variety of individuals with different competencies and roles. The composition of the key players in the change process is important, and while those with solid management skills may be needed, leadership skills are vital. These key players must align together in a coalition based on trust and common goals. A successful coalition is not necessarily composed of top management, but a blend of people within an organization—a selection based on position, skills, integrity, and leadership qualities that will garner the necessary commitment of the entire organization. Key players in the change process can exist at all levels of an organization.

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As you review the resources this week, continue your research in the Walden Library, and contemplate the following:

If you were tasked with establishing a network for change, which types of individuals within your organization would you select? Why?

Do these individuals represent all areas in your organization that would be affected by the change?

What role would communication play in developing your network, and what communication challenges might a manager face when enlisting individuals from diverse areas within the organization?

Note: You do not need to answer these points directly in your Discussion post, since they serve primarily to begin your thinking process. However, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Answer the following:

  • In developing a network for change, how can you ensure that you have identified the crucial people to include? What criteria would you use to select individuals for your network? Defend why those criteria are important.
  • What could be the consequences of not identifying key players or of not engaging a variety of players?

All work in APA format with proper reference!


Palmer, I., & Dunford, R. (2008). Organizational change and the importance of embedded assumptions. British Journal of Management, 19(Suppl. 1), S20–S32.
This article introduces six different views of managing organizational change and the accompanying organizational theory for each view. In particular, each theory is analyzed using the shared components of vision, communication, and resistance.

Kotter, J. P. (2012). Leading change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Chapter 4, “Creating the Guiding Coalition”

Chapter 4 introduces the second stage in the change process: creating a guiding coalition. This chapter outlines the importance of creating a team to plan for the change. Suggestions for selecting team members include ensuring sufficient representation by those in power to make decisions: those with expertise in the area of change, individuals that are credible within the organization, and leaders to drive the change.

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