Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care Powerpoint Presentation

Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care Powerpoint Presentation.

Introduction: The process for healthcare strategy development follows a logical sequence of steps. Decisions made at each step will have implications and consequences at successive steps in the process, so forward thinking is very important.

You are the vice-president in charge of your hospital’s strategic planning process this year. You are addressing your key stakeholders and planning participants at the first strategic planning meeting.

Your assignment is to create a minimum 10-slide PowerPoint presentation describing and explaining the six-step process for strategy development in your hospital’s healthcare strategic management action plan. Additionally, explain strategic alternatives available to healthcare organizations today.

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Your presentation should adhere to the following format:

Slide 1: Create title slide that includes your name, the course number and date

Slide 2: Write a brief introduction (no more than 2 paragraphs)

Slide 3: Review broader strategic directions

Slide 4: Set strategic planning objectives

Slides 5 and 6: Identify actions for strategic planning objectives

Slide 7: Set timelines

Slide 8: Assign responsibilities

Slide 9: Determine resources needed

Slide 10: Determine how results will be measured

Slide 11: List references: Ensure you list all supporting sources for your content, which must follow correct APA style for citations and references.

As part of the presentation, you are required to use the notes section for each content slide to reinforce your presentation. You should use at least three reliable academic sources to support your presentation. One should be from the CSU Online Library, and you can use your textbook as well on your reference slide (your reference slide does not count toward the minimum slide requirement). Images and graphics, along with supporting references and in-text citations, must follow APA formatting guidelines. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. 

Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care Powerpoint Presentation

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