disaster plan , management homework help

disaster plan , management homework help.

  • (a) You are the IT Manager for a major bank. The bank includes services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, and issues loans. These services are provided at physical bank locations, through the bank’s web site, and using the bank’s mobile application. As the IT Manager, what type of database backup plan would you choose for the bank? Be sure to include details such as the methodology and frequency of backups. Make sure you justify the reasoning for the database backup plan chosen over other database backup plans. – 2 pages
  • (b) Describe the disaster plan you would set up for the bank. Make sure you justify the disaster plan chosen and include key metrics such as allowed down time and the amount of time to get services up and running. How does the chosen disaster plan reduce the interruption in banking services in the case of an emergency? – 2 pages
  • (c) The bank’s corporate office has just been hit by a devastating hurricane. The main power has just been cut off from the building and will likely not be back up for several days. Key personal are located at the corporate office, such as the bank’s CEO, CIO, CFO, etc. In addition, the bank’s main servers used for data storage and on line services are also located at the corporate office. As the IT Manager, what is your plan of action to get the bank back into working order while the services are being restored to the corporate office? – 1 page

disaster plan , management homework help

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