Disc 3:-500 Words each with two references

Disc 3:-500 Words each with two references. Tasks

In this discussion:

  • Discuss social engineering attacks based on the provided techniques.
  • Identify and discuss appropriate security awareness training that will offset the identified attacks.
  • Discuss why social engineering attacks are particularly difficult to prevent.

Begin the discussion by describing why the techniques on the handout are successful and identifying types of attacks that use those techniques. Continue by discussing the following:

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  • What social engineering attacks are you familiar with based on prior work experience?
  • Have you found any particular type of training particularly effective or ineffective?

Task 2


Discussion Requirements

This discussion focuses on an insurance company that handles private medical data and accepts credit card payments for insurance premiums.


Discuss why the following must be protected in this context (what are the risks):

· Network

· Servers

· Clients

· Other resources

· Information/data

What are ways in which each of the above items can be protected in this context?

Disc 3:-500 Words each with two references

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