Discuss the arguments advanced to support the need for hate crime laws, law homework help

Your examination consists of 5 (five) essay questions. Your answers should be typed or word processed (font no smaller than Roman Times 12) with 1.5 inch margins and double spaced. Your answers should be well-organized so that they are easy to read and should be written in complete sentences and not in outline form. Each question is worth 20 points.

1. Discuss the arguments advanced to support the need for hate crime laws.

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2. Are hate crime laws constitutional? Why? Why not?

3. Discuss the problems that often arise when determining which groups to include in defining hate crimes.

4. How may hate crime laws hurt those that the laws are meant to protect?

5. Research on prejudice often provokes controversies as to where the cause of prejudice lies. Discuss the controversy and explain the evidence for each view.

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