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There is a broad range of experiences brought to the school every day by cultural, linguistic, and ethnically diverse students. These unique diversities compel the development and use of different teaching strategies to target each student as an individual. In this discussion, you will explore the concept of supporting diversity through 21st century teaching and learning. This discussion is also intended to support your performance on the Week One Assignment.

Initial Post – Select three of the five prompts below, and then discuss how the Framework for 21st Century Learning (Links to an external site.) can be applied to each prompt using specific examples of the actions you would take to apply the framework. Your response to each of the three selected prompts should be one paragraph.

  • Analyze      how you can maintain high standards and demonstrate high expectations for      all ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse students in the      classroom.
  • Reflect      on ways in which you will choose culturally relevant curriculum and      instructional materials that recognize, incorporate, and reflect students’      heritage and the contributions of various ethnic groups.
  • Discuss      how you would differentiate instruction for the inclusion of various      learning styles.
  • Reflect      on ways in which you would modify instruction for special education      students.
  • Discuss      how you would modify instruction to meet the needs of students who are      designated second language learners.
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