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This was the question ”Write a sentence of each: A misplaced modifier and a dangling modifier. Explain why they are a misplaced modifier and a dangling modifier in your sentences.”

Student 1

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Misplaced modifier : On her way home, john found a gold man’s watch.

Ans : On her way home, john found a man’s gold watch.

Dangling modifier : Looking the west, a funnel shaped cloud stirred up dust.

Ans : Looking toward the west, i saw a funnel shaped cloud stir up dust.

Student 2

example 1). she served sandwiches to the children on paper plates.

correct answer. she served the children sandwiches on paper plates.

2). Eagerly awaiting her birthday, Mary’s presents were all picked up and admired by Mary many time throughout the course of the day.

answer. Eagerly awaiting her birthday, Mary picked up and admired her presents many times throughout the day.

And these are the student’s replies

I just need replay for the tow student’s replies.

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